Workofy connects Freelancers with anybody who needs to get work done. If you have skills in whatever area, you can share those with our buyer community and make money while you are doing it – as long as you can do it remotely. No matter if you are a logo designer, power point expert, talented translator or excel superstar (and many more categories). Workofy offers you a platform to exchange those talents and meet buyers / employers – helping you earn extra income.

It all starts here: Post a Job

1. Create Your Seller Profile

Signing up is free. You will need to create your seller profile. Obviously, buyers will make decisions based on how you present yourself as well as your track record. We encourage you to present yourself professionally, including a picture, a brief bio, etc. Any previous work that you can attach to your profile can make a difference and get you that job.

2. Offer Your Service, ‘Post a Job’

‘Post a Job’ is our way of giving you an opportunity to sell on Workofy. You pro-actively tell potential buyers / employers what you can offer. Show your skills and provide buyers / employers with all the information they need to help them decide to do business with you. You can also post several different jobs – you are not only a power point expert but also good at logo designing? Then set up another job, this increases Your value opportunity on the Workofy platform.

3. Decide on Your Offering Package and Price

Offering different pricing packages is an excellent way to sell on Workofy. Compelling bundles gives buyers more choice. Evidence shows that offering different pricing categories tends to allow you to increase your average order value.

4. Adding ‘Extra’ Services increases Monetization

Ever wonder why at Starbucks they ask you ‘Any breakfast with your latte?’ They are trying to sell you ‘extras’ – and so should you. Anything ‘special’ that you can offer? For example a logo designer can offer a higher resolution or a video editor could offer different endings. Your imagination can help increase your total value proposition. Apple’s co-Founder, Steve Jobs is often quoted ‘People don’t know what they want, until you show it to them’.

5. Get Notified When a Buyer Selects You

Once you have ‘Post a Job’ and a buyer / employer wants to hire your services, we will send you a notification and all the communication will be handled in your private chat / communication area within your secure login area.

6. Accept the Job and Get ‘Started’

Once you hit the ‘start’ button (see the task on your dashboard), you are responsible to full-fill the order. It’s exciting – so let’s get started.

Next Step: Sell Your Skills