I am a native Italian speaker with a Bachelor degree in Linguistics and Translation studies. I specialise in English and Spanish languages, offering translation services for any kind of text you may need to localise into Italian. My fields of expertise include environmental protection, social issues, economics, literature, tourism and travel, but I am always interested in researching new topics for assessing your translation in the most efficient and personalised way.

I offer up to 2 pages for my 10$ Package, since I invest in quality and won’t rush through what you provide.

I am a professional that can translate anything from website content and blogs to your CV, from articles to academic papers, as long as it’s a text.

I will:

  • Translate manually and flawlessly.
  • Stay faithful to your text without being literal.
  • Carefully check spelling, grammar and syntax.

Please note:

  • I DO NOT translate subtitles nor dialogued texts.
  • I DO NOT accept free text: PDF or Word only.

I will deliver an excellent service and leave you 100% satisfied with my work, so feel free to place your order now.