I’ve been working as a content writer for 5 years. I write to entertain, sell, drive sales, or let’s just say I do justice to the client’s goals. I excel at telling fun stories in an uncomplicated way, be it through a 1000-word article or two-sentence ad copy. My content not only comes pleasing to the eye but also ranks well on the search engines.

I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes—be it an award-winning digit marketing agency in the UK, a lifestyle blog in the US, a PR firm in Dubai, or a small business in India.

My writing style changes from a sophisticated professor to a witty friendly guide as per the demand of the client—choose your own adventure.


Article/blog writing | Copywriting | Press releases | Affiliate Marketing Posts


Here are a few of my writing samples:

[How to dress up like an eboy— ‘E’ stands for embracing emotions]

[Grunge Aesthetic: The Art of Wearing Ripped Jeans, Flannels, & Doc Martens]

[How to Utilize digital assistants (Alexa, Hey Google, Siri) to build your brand]

[Dress To Kill (Not Literally!): Here’s How To Wear The John Wick Suit]

[Anatomy of a great b2b landing page]

[Betting Right in the Premier League: How Statistics, Psychological Factors, and Data Play Their Part in Every Game]

[IoT in transportation: How smart cities can drastically reduce congestion]

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I charge $0.07 per word and the price is only negotiable if the project lasts more than a month.