For this 5 buck gig, I will have a Skype chat or call to understand what you exactly need and a demo of what i have created to help you Automate your Real Estate business.

This Walk through help you Understand How You Can Streamline Your Lead Generation & Tracking & Management

These systems help you close more deals through a robust integrations and automations. 

  • Two Way Communication Built-In(TwiLio , CaII raiI, cLick send)
  • Automated Followup Sequences
  • Contract Generation and Sending
  • Send Physical Documents
  • Integrate website forms.
  • Campaign Management
  • Built-In Comparables
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Campaign Management 
  • Custom Task and Much More.


This system aIso incorporate Zillow , Investorcarrot , Click2Mail , Lob , Twilio , Real Quest

Real Estate marketing and lead management from up-to date marketing tools. Good hand on managing all kind of marketing tools and data management tools including multiple CRM systems 

  • RooR – SMS & RVM  
  • – Campaign Setup (SMS and RVM Campaigns) 
  • Call Rail 
  • Mojo Dialer
  • ReiShift Tool 
  • All kind of other RooR setting 
  • Mojo Cells, 
  • XenCall – 
  • – Campaign Management (also responded to the seller, like a VA Sport with template sheet)

All Other Settings for that.

  • CallRail –
  •  Call Tracking 
  • E Signature
  • Zillow 
  • PropStream
  • Number Purchasing
  • Call Flows 

 All Other Setting for that. 


  • MailChimp
  • Email Marketing 
  • Campaign Setting 
  • Template Design 


I’m also integrate the podio system with other app as you need to integrations. Full automated system if you required. You can use easily in Mobile App, Mac, Apple, and Window, as you need.