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Workofy – A Quick Overview

Workofy is an Online Marketplace where Freelancers (Sellers) connect with Buyers (Employers).

Sellers propose a service by ‘Post[ing] a Job’. They have the option to choose their starting price and they specify the exact service that’s included in that price. Sellers can add multiple price ranges with add-on services.

Buyers will then browse the marketplace and contact the Freelancers to hire their services.

Signing Up

Signing up on Workofy is free. Only registered users are able to buy and sell on Workofy. Any registered account can offer services to sell and also can buy other user’s services. Therefore, it does not matter if the user is seen as a Buyer or a Seller. Almost anyone should be able to sell some services on Workofy. Can you design logos or are you good with PowerPoint? Are you an expert content writer or a nutrition specialist? Browse the categories and see what others are offering. Many people have made successful careers this way and diversified their income, so why not You?

The most successful Freelancers

Provide: a complete seller profile, make sure that the services they offer are well written, understandable and describe those services in detail. Often, Freelancers will even provide samples of their previous work. Simplifying the decision making process for the Buyer.


If Buyers’ expectations are met, Freelancers are entitled to a good or even outstanding rating review. This will drive more business.

Purchasing on Workofy

Buyers pay in advance for Freelancers services. When the service is successfully delivered and completed, Sellers will receive 80% of the order value.

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Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Card: Buyers can make purchases using any major credit / debit card.
  • PayPal: Buyers can also use PayPal.
  • Stripe: This payment method is used in 135+ countries.
  • 2checkout: While currently not yet available, we expect this payment method to be added shortly.
  • Please check if those payment methods are available in your country.
  • We are limited by where our third-party payment providers are able to offer their services.

Steps for Freelancers (Sellers)

How to set your Seller profile, ‘post a job’ that you are intent to do. Maximize your appearance. The various steps are explained here

Steps for Buyers (Employers)

From browsing the market place to evaluating the Freelancers profile and sample work, to ordering and receiving your order. The steps and the process is explained here

Further Help and Support:

If You experience any problems or if You have any questions. Please let us know: