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What is

Workofy ?

Workofy is an Online Marketplace where Freelancers connect with Buyers to allow them to be more successful. Buyers browse through thousands of Freelancing proposals, hiring Freelancers and buying their services. We offer Freelancers a platform to bring their services to an international audience and a worldwide market. We provide Buyers access to Freelancers and remote talent, globally. When Buyers outsource tasks, they can get jobs done quickly, hiring expertise where they need it – when they need it – moving fast, efficiently and growing their businesses. Digital delivery, competitive and project-based pricing – empowering entrepreneurs. 


Sellers / Freelancers

  • How It Works

    Freelancers (Sellers) sign up (it's free), write a small profile (detailed profiles appeal more to Buyers) on their dashboard, then click on 'Post a Job' to propose the work they intend to do. They can propose several 'jobs'.

  • Getting Selected

    Buyers (Employers) will search Freelancers' profiles for the jobs they need to get done and select the Sellers that appear to match closely their criteria. Sellers will get notified by email and have to click 'Start' on their dashboard to accept the job.

  • Being Rewarded $$$

    Sellers (Freelancers) set the price. Get paid hourly or a fixed-price after the Buyer has approved the project's outcome. Both parties benefit from our secure payment set-up (Stripe, PayPal, Credit Cards, etc.).


Buyers / Employers

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  • Enter Your Needs

    You need to get work done. Sign up (its free). Select high-quality Sellers / Freelancers for any budget. Either hourly rates or just project-based pricing.

  • Get Started Quickly

    Take advantage of Your own chat / message area within Workofy's private & secure setting. Describe your task requirements & outcome expectations.

  • Get Your Work Done

    Sellers / Freelancers want to help You. While You pay upfront, Your payment is not released until You approve the work. Reward review stars for the work.