An essential part of the collaboration between Buyers and Sellers is Workofy’s review system. Feedback is imperative for the present and future decision making process of Buyers. Reviews indicate the Buyer’s overall work-relationship with the Seller and the received service. Buyers are encouraged to give feedback throughout the process, may ask for refinements of the prepared services in order for the Seller to receive the highest rating possible.

1. Giving Feedback

One of the criteria for Buyers to select a Seller’s service might be the Seller’s overall rating. Therefore, ongoing feedback and reviews might help to improve the decision making process of Buyers in the future and we encourage Buyers to provide ‘stars’ or even write brief reviews for their services received. All feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales, executed through the Workofy platform.

Reviews are publicly displayed.

2. Receiving Feedback

Receiving great feedback as well as receiving a strong rating might help to win services in the future. Therefore, it will likely be directly impacting a Seller’s ability to get compensated for their services on the Workofy platform. It is important to communicate clearly with the Buyer what outcome the Buyer expects and if this is inline with the services that the Seller offered in their ‘Post a Job’ description.

Our aim at Workofy is to make the collaboration between Sellers and Buyers a win-win relationship. Both parties should benefit and we encourage engagement between both the Seller and Buyer through our secure ‘chat and messaging’ area within the login site.