How to set your Seller (Freelancer) profile, ‘post a job’ that you are intent to do. Maximise your appearance. The various steps are market in blue sentences, therefore not to be confused with the actual example page. Each section has underlined in ‘red’ the parts to fill out / click to move forward.

  • 1. Click on ‘Sign in’ or ‘Join us’
  • 2. Fill in your ‘email’
  • 3. Fill in your unique ‘Username’, ‘Password’, ‘Confirm your password’ and accept the ‘terms and conditions’
  • 4. This brings you automatically to your own, private dashboard from which you will manage your jobs and your transactions. There, click on ‘edit your profile’ to give it your unique touch
  • 5. Fill in as much as possible as a professional looking profile tends to attract the most jobs. Choose your ‘country’ and ‘languages’, also selected your billing ‘country’ but most important provide a brief bio (see the long, red line for your bio section)
  • 6. Once your profile is finished, it should resemble the one below.
  • 7. Next, ‘Post a job’ in the top right corner. These are the ‘jobs’ or gigs you intent to do. Buyers / Employers will browse the menu to find the sellers that closely resemble their expectations.
  • 8. In the ‘Post a job’ section, fill in the fields and describe, ideally in detail, the job.
  • 9. Add an item / logo / picture that closely resembles your work / the potential outcome of the task. You can also add ‘extra services’ which might go beyond the normal service and you can charge extra for this.
  • 10. Once you ‘Save’ this ‘Job’, your job / gig posting is moved to Workofy compliance and approval department for a quick check up if your proposed job fulfills the terms and conditions.
  • 11. On your dashboard, you will see that the job is ‘Pending’. Once approved you will see this job live and Buyers / Employers will be able to see it.
  • Good luck.

The complete Job (gig) posting should look similar to the below one: