1. How We Got Here

Years ago, when we set up a business, we needed help everywhere.

From institutional looking power point presentations, to a powerful logo, to an established web site – all while we still had to focus on the business we set out to full fill. We were not experts in any of those fields. Hence, some of those tasks cost us time, endless energy and headaches. Why didn’t we outsource some of those tasks back then – we didn’t think about, nor did we know whom to ask – especially in a cost efficient way. 

At a later point, we hired an intern to build some financial models – first, we paid money for an online advertisement, read through dozens of CVs / resumes, then we interviewed a few candidates, brought him on board for a couple of months – countless time and energy went by. Needless to say employment cost, insurance, taxes, etc. 

Could there be an easier way, we asked ourselves? And so ‘Work – Outsource – Simplify’ -> Workofy was born. So here we are now, today, we would just outsource the job to one of the high-qualified sellers / freelancers on the Workofy platform. Cost efficient, move fast and get Your work done by experts in their fields who love doing what they are doing and have done sometimes those jobs a thousand times before. 

Time is money.